Topics to be covered

  • Management of reference collections (herbariums and museums).
  • Management of living collections, gardening and landscaping.
  • Contributions of botanical gardens and seed banks in plant conservation and biological diversity in general.
  • The fields of the botanical gardens as germplasm conservation spaces (cultivation and conservation of seed trees, plants providing cuttings).
  • Sustainability of botanical gardens and ecotourism (trails, butterfly gardens).
  • Contributions of the botanical gardens to the conservation of the environment and the “urban green”.
  • Research and scientific publications of botanical gardens and associated institutions.
  • Botanical gardens and their contributions in training, training and education.
  • Contributions of the botanical gardens in the socio-economic development of the countries (Botany and Related Sciences).
  • Advice and practical support of the botanical gardens for teaching.
  • Exchange of experiences and sustainability of national and regional networks of botanical gardens.
  • Botanical gardens and the AICHI Goals by 2020.
  • Botanical gardens and their fields as “lungs” of urban areas.
  • Botanical gardens and their responsibility in the propagation, monitoring and control of invasive plants.
  • Botanical gardens as spaces for the improvement of human, physical and mental health (physical exercises, paths of the senses, spaces for reflection and relaxation against stress and depression …).
  • Botanical gardens and their contributions to the knowledge of bio-cultural development.

These topics will be presented through workshops or short oral presentations. Presentations in the form of posters will not be accepted.