Featured Places

America’s Primate Cathedral

The first cathedral of the American continent is one of the most visited tourist sites of Santo Domingo. Under the official name of The Holy Church Cathedral Metropolitan Basilica of Our Lady Santa Mary of the Incarnation or Annunciation (yes, that’s called), this Gothic-style building was built between 1510 and 1540. As we go through its interior and appreciate the large number of antique pieces, paintings of the colonial era and the atmosphere, we will feel transported to the past. In addition, the cathedral communicates with Plaza España and the visit can be double-exploited to create memories that will never leave you. The most iconic place in the Colonial Zone awaits you.


Las Damas street

In Las Damas street there is a breath of history and wonder. Being the first street that was paved in the Americas, every step you take in it is another adventure along this historic path. Here you will find one of the most visited tourist spots in Santo Domingo, the Ozama Fortress, which is the oldest in America and an imposing of great value for Dominicans. You can also visit the Pantheon of the Fatherland, where you honor important historical figures from the Dominican Republic, or the Museum of the Royal Houses, an ancient palace that is now home to one of the most important collections of historical pieces that they delve us into the past, life and customs of this people.


The Alcazar of Columbus

The home of Christopher Columbus’ son has become one of the most visited museums in the Colonial Zone. The first palace of the new world was built with coral rocks on a plot of land ceded by King Ferdinand the Catholic to Don Diego Colón, being built between 1510 and 1514. It is thought that the Alcazar served as home to the Columbus family until 1577. After this date, it was abandoned until it was renovated in 1955. Today the Alcázar De Colón Museum has 22
rooms decorated with elements of the time and offers us a look at the origins of Dominican identity. It is definitely a place to visit in Santo Domingo. Do you want to visit this museum with your friends, but you don’t have a way to get there? You can order an Uber and then pick each one up at your home by making multiple stops. The most convenient thing is that they can split the final price of the fare and thus spend an excellent experience in one of the oldest
constructions in the New World.


Street the Conde

If you like to go shopping and also want to take advantage of the time to visit new places to visit in Santo Domingo, the Conde street is the ideal place for you. The Conde is a pedestrian street of ten blocks where you can find all kinds of food stalls, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and street vendors. And on almost every corner, you’ll see walls lined with paintings by Dominican artists. All this in a bohemian atmosphere of great historical value and countless cultural and recreational activities. Sometimes you even see actors who, posing as statues, wait for the arrival of a distracted tourist to surprise you or give you a good scare.


Malecón Santo Domingo.

Generally known as Malecon, it is actually George Washington Avenue, which runs almost half of the city of Santo Domingo parallel to the coast, in the Dominican Republic. Considered one of the seven cultural treasures by the international organizers of the Capital of American Culture in 2010, the avenue is known not only for being surrounded by important luxury hotels and casinos, but also for its restaurants and Party. Also, this is where the Merengue Festival is held every July.